Meet Little Chicago, Our Muse

“We’re sure that you’ll agree that having kids gives you a whole new perspective on life, and this little one has definitely changed our lives for the better,” says Lisa. Before this little angel came along, Lisa was absolutely her own woman, fierce and independent, dressed in the finest business suits, polished to the nines and working in the corporate arena. Can you say the words ‘hot shot’ much?

While this was absolutely lovely, Lisa yearned to follow her dreams but she wasn’t quite ready to make the first step towards them. Sure, the industry had provided Lisa with all the skills she needed to branch out. She learned how to network like an absolute boss. She grasped marketing quickly and firmly and her people skills made her somewhat famous in the industry circles. While she was now a master on top of her game, challenges and adventures she could never have expected awaited just over the horizon.

And then Chicago made her way into this world, and it was clear that Lisa was destined to be the kind of mom who is not only inspired by her little one, but determined to live an inspirational life for her. After 14 years of meetings and schmoozing, she would brave the big, bad world and pursue her dreams, all in the hope that one day Chicago will follow her example.

Chicago is now three and incredible. She brings smiles to the faces of everyone she meets. Her joy for life, her fearlessness, her wide eyed wonder at the world keeps us moving forward and following our hearts every day. And that’s exactly how Lisa closed the corporate chapter of her life, and with the help of those she loves, created Chicago Shuttles.

No points for guessing who inspired the name, but we will tell you that this little one was named after the city. “We’ve never been, (though who can resist a Disney World Florida holiday escape?) but we fell in love with the uniqueness and glamour of her name,” says Lisa. Not to mention, Chicago’s name lends itself wonderfully for the Chicago Shuttles slogan: The Chic Way To Go, because oh boy, it certainly is.